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Po translate – automatic translation tool for .PO files

It is kinda hateful to translate .PO files from Traditional-Chinese to Simplified-Chinese, most of the meanings are identical but different in simplified word or traditional word.  It is not a very difficult to translate.  But however, it is still an … Continue reading

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Po translate 自動化翻譯工具

之前有寫一個 PO檔自動繁簡轉換程式,但是因為沒有把它傳到PyPi上,所以要到處copy貼上很麻煩,為了方便使用,我把它打包並且傳到了PyPi,以MIT License開放源始碼,不過只是一個很簡單的程式而已,我想應該沒有多少人會想改些什麼,但是當然有人有興趣的話,歡迎修改 這個程式主要是用來解決繁體中文的.PO檔和簡體之間的互換問題,因為翻譯完繁體中文,基本上和簡體沒有太大差別,用Google translate轉成簡體就可以,但是手工作起來很煩,這種事情當然是交給程式執行 安裝方法很簡單 easy_install po_translate 使用也很簡單 po_translate input.po output.po zh-TW zh-CN 像這樣就能輕鬆的透過Google translate把繁中的.PO檔轉成簡中的 相關連結 PyPi的連結 Bitbucket的Repo

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A tool for applying iptables safely: apply_firewall.

Have you ever done something stupid with iptables command which like blocking you self from accessing the SSH?  Yes, I have.  Most of administrator knows that is dangerous to change iptable rules remotely, with a little typo, you might have … Continue reading

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