A little play with HTML5 – 2.5D RPG Map Engine

Recently, I want to play those cutting edge HTML5 technologies for fun, especially on game developing. I think it would be really interesting to write some cool games with HTML5. Therefore, I took one night to wrote a simple prototype of 2.5D RPG map engine. Here is the screenshot

And the online demo

KaKa Monster 2.5D Map Engine Demo


I use jQuery for some utilities, and the Canvas for drawing image.  Lucky, I’m familiar with the Canvas API when I first time read the document, because I noticed that it is almost identical to Cairo graphic library API (It appears it was ported from Cairo),  and one of projects I wrote was based on Cairo.  I use MVC pattern as the main structure of the program.


This is not an open source project, please do not use any code on the demo site without my permission.  Of course, you can learn some tricks from the code, but please do not copy the code, thanks.


It’s still far from a real game, but I think it is won’t be too difficult to make it a full feature RPG game with HTML5.  I may implement some more features, such as walk on click, building layers, animation system, combat system and so on, when I have spare time.  But still, I didn’t write anything for playing audio with HTML5, I would like to have a try and see how to do.

It’s it the time to play some awesome games on web? I think it is not far from now 😛

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  1. afei says:

    你的邮箱是什么啊? 看了你的Android关于CursorJoiner的问题的解决,那个API具体怎么用.能讨论一下吗?