is hiring

Are you good at Python programming? Are you a Javascript master?

As a developer of, here I want to say it loudly – We’re hiring!

For more details, please reference to:

Help Spark a Social Revolution – Plurk Opens Taiwan Office and is Hiring Worldwide!

And here are the list of jobs on inside jobboard:

Python/Javascript Ninja Extraordinaire

Mobile Engineer

Schmoozy Plurkinista/Plurkster & Community Evangelist

Plurk Business Development/Sales Manager

L33T Systems H@x0R, Optimizer & Log Lord

Plurk Product Manager, Chief Motivation Officer and Delegator

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2 Responses to is hiring

  1. clsung says:

    You mean “As a developer of” right?

  2. victor says:

    @clsung Yeah, sorry for the typo. Thank you