Po translate – automatic translation tool for .PO files

It is kinda hateful to translate .PO files from Traditional-Chinese to Simplified-Chinese, most of the meanings are identical but different in simplified word or traditional word.  It is not a very difficult to translate.  But however, it is still an hateful job to do that manually.  For this reason, I wrote a tool which uses Google translate API to translate .PO files automatically.  It is quite easy to install

easy_install po_translate

It is also very easy to use, too.

po_translate input.po output.po zh-TW zh-CN

Of course, you can replace zh-TW and zh-CN to the source and destination language you like, e.g. English to Chinese, if the result is acceptable to you 🙂

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One Response to Po translate – automatic translation tool for .PO files

  1. Landi says:

    You can translate po files also using this online platform http://poeditor.com/. You don’t need to download it, you just register and collaborate with translators online, for up to 200 languages. It has traditional and simplified Chines also.