HGE project wizard template for Code::Blocks

I am learning HGE (Haaf’s Game Engine) these days. It is troublesome to set up all include and library directory stuff every time you want to write an application based on HGE. For this reason I spent some time to learn how to create a Code::Blocks project wizard template, and finally finish it. It is quite simple to install the HGE project wizard template into Code::Blocks. The only step you have to do is unzip the zip file to the location you install Code::Blocks and restart Code::Blocks. If you have installed other nonstandard templates, those templates might disappear from the project list, because Code::Blocks use “shareCodeBlockstemplateswizardconfig.script” to list all templates, and you overwrite it. To solve that problem, you can merge config.script manually. It is not too difficult to understand that file if you are going to learn how to write a game with C or C++ 😀

Download : HGE project wizard template for codeblocks

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2 Responses to HGE project wizard template for Code::Blocks

  1. joani says:

    very usefull, thanks.

  2. Falla says:

    ld.exe cannot find -lhgehelp
    What now? ç-ç